All About Us

Debi, Your Guide

'I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by training and during the school year I am the Mental Health Clinician at Mount Edgecumbe High School, a boarding school for Alaska Natives throughout the state. I moved to Sitka from Orlando, Florida in early 2009. I first became familiar with Sitka when I took a cruise tour of Southeast Alaska. I immediately fell in love with the richness of life here. I moved here as soon as I could and have made it my home!

Whether in Florida or Sitka, I've always acted as a tour guide for my family and friends. I enthusiastically share my view of life on this island, from the majestic landscapes to the abundant flora and fauna. I will introduce you to the beauty and simplicity of Sitka, and the unique people that make their lives here. 

I have traveled extensively and have always been interested to see the way the locals live. A priority for me is to learn about local cultures and daily experiences. I love to immerse myself in all things local by going off the usual tour routes and venturing into the heart of the cities. This is what inspired me to start Specialized Tours of Sitka - I wanted to create a tour package that would showcase Sitka's hidden treasures.

I hope you'll allow me to share some of my favorite Sitka experiences with you. I'm confident that you will fall in love with this Southeast Alaska Island as I did, over eight years ago!'

- Debi Terry, Founder and Owner of Specialized Tours of Sitka 

Why Choose Us?

Specialized Tours of Sitka is unique in that you, the tourist, are able to pick and choose from a range of interesting and exclusive tour options, effectively creating your own perfect package. Do you like hiking? History? Stunning views? We've got something for everyone! 

What To Bring?

As we are based in a temperate rain forest, Sitka trails can be slippy, especially after heavy rain! Shoes with good traction are recommended and warm and waterproof layering is advisable. We will provide walking sticks, umbrellas, ponchos and binoculars in the tour van, along with some local snack foods for you to sample.